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What Is Included in an Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Contract?

An air conditioner maintenance service contract is an agreement that is drawn up between an air conditioning service and a customer. Having these service contracts in place means either a long or short-term business transaction with a service provider that provides either annual maintenance or other such related services. Basically, it offers reliability and accountability for a person from the air conditioning company.

These service contracts can provide several services to their customers and can often cover repairs, installations, inspections and maintenance on air conditioners. Different kinds of services will be included in the contracts, all depending on the air conditioning company. Some will offer additional services apart from the usual, and some will have lower rates. Whatever the situation is, it cannot be denied that having air conditioning service contracts in place is advantageous.

As mentioned above, these service contracts come with benefits. When buying an air conditioner, there should be a warranty with it that usually lasts for 2 years. This warranty acts like insurance. In the time span it covers, some services will be included that are usually free of charge or may need a small amount of payment as the service is still considered part of the warranty. This is usually known as a service warranty. Even when this finishes, there could still be a percentage of the maintenance and service charges because of this.

Maintenance service is considered the best part of a contract. Apart from the discounts the company offers, you will receive expert inspection on all the air conditioner’s parts. With contracts such as these, the cost savings can be impressive. You can be certain also that the technicians and staff are highly trained to do their jobs. Even if your air conditioner breaks down or is in need of maintenance, then you know who to call. For more help on our air conditioner maintenance service in the Las Vegas, NV area, please call Air-Right today at (702) 979-1519!