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Tips for Hiring Commercial HVAC Contractors

A badly-maintained HVAC system can greatly impair both production and efficiency in any commercial setting. To avoid downtime, it is vital you have qualified commercial HVAC contractors that will come and service your system.

Checking Credentials 

The most important thing you can do is to make sure your HVAC service provider has all the proper credentials, these will include:

1. All state and federal licenses
2. Proof that they are currently bonded and insured
3. Certifications to show they can service the equipment you have

Get Referrals

Speak to other businesses, friends, and family to see who they can recommend for your commercial system. They could already have first-hand experience working with such contractors and can give you a better idea of how they will work for you. Once you have drawn up a shortlist, contact them and ask for references. Reputable commercial HVAC contractors should have a list of current customers that will be more than happy to vouch for the company.

Review Estimates

Be very wary of companies who give estimates based only on the information that you give them. These estimates usually result in the service costing more than you expected because of unknown variables. To make sure you get a good estimate, the contractor must come to your business and check your system out. This allows them to give you a more accurate estimate so you are not hit with any unexpected expenses.


There are literally dozens of systems found in commercial settings, with new options coming onto the market as technology continues to advance. When your contractor has no experience with your HVAC system, then repairs will take longer, cost more, and could need additional service soon after. In order to prevent this, make sure your commercial HVAC contractor has experience with your make and model.

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